Transition programs

Peer tutoring  (cross-age)

Most classes are partnered up with a Buddy Class. This generally means a junior primary class partners up with an older class. They meet once a week to do peer tutoring activities, where students work together to enhance their learning and social skills.

Kindergarten to Reception programs and transition

Transition to school is more than orientation. At Naracoorte PS we have a close connection with both feeder kindergartens and through the extensive cohort mapping process conducted by the kindergartens, our staff are well informed of the learners’ needs.

The Reception unit and Naracoorte North Kindergarten regularly work together. They are involved in activities where the class visits the Kindergarten to join in the Kindergarten program. Students are involved in a variety of activities including art, play, drama and physical tasks.

Kindergarten students also visit the Reception class and participate in a play-based program that develops their literacy, numeracy, social and wellbeing skills.

The town has two transition days for both mid-year and start of year intake. These occur in the last 2-3 weeks of the term prior to starting.

During their visits, the students become familiar with the school and the routine, while participating in classroom activities and understanding what a school day looks like. Extended and additional transition programs are run on a needs basis and availability of staff.

Parents are invited to attend an information evening to meet the Principal, meet and talk with parents of students in their child’s class, meet the teachers, view their child’s transition classroom and the Junior Primary unit, have a tour of the school and receive an enrolment package.

Tours can also be arranged by appointment if required. Contact the office to make a booking.

Year 6 to High School transition

The Transition program organised between teachers at Naracoorte High School and Naracoorte Primary School ensures a smooth transition to Year 7. In Term 4, a 2-page enrolment form is sent home for parents of Year 6’s to complete.

High school students visit NPS during Term 3 to talk about high school and give students a chance to ask questions. In Term 4, students and parents are invited to an introductory BBQ at the high school. Students also tour the school. The program concludes with students attending a full day at the high school, in their Year 7 class groupings, participating in a typical high school program.